Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Our strategy

Our diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) strategy has our core values at its heart: we challenge, we care, we collaborate. We know there is a great deal of work to be done to progress in this area - we are now taking steps to be a more intentional and transparent business with regards to our journey. 

We believe having diverse teams is vital for unleashing innovation and meeting our goals. The first step to that success is inclusion. Thus, we are focusing on structural inclusion to start off with and as a collective continuously work to turn inclusive intentions into meaningful actions.

As an organisation we aim to: 

  • Work to provide equal opportunities for all to succeed 

  • Build an equitable workplace that supports the success of all employees

  • Maintain an inclusive environment where everyone can bring their authentic self to work

  • Promote a culture that values and respects diverse backgrounds

  • Make a positive difference in the communities we belong to

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Our focuses for 2024

By identifying these main areas of focus to direct our efforts, we can customise our strategy to address the particular needs and context of xDesign.

Social mobility

Our DEIB strategy places a strong emphasis on social mobility and socioeconomic inclusion, aiming to provide equal opportunities for growth and success regardless of socioeconomic background.

Gender equality

We are determined to work towards gender equality, creating a workplace where gender minorities are represented, celebrated, and empowered. We’re placing a particular focus on supporting and encouraging women in technical roles. 


Our strategy sets out the actions we are taking to embrace neurodiversity, ensuring that every individual's unique neurological makeup is not only acknowledged but also celebrated.

How we work

We take a holistic and intersectional approach to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging to give a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of personal challenges faced. Some of the ways in which we’re doing this is around an emphasis on disability inclusion and adjustments. We aim to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. We encourage employees to complete a 'Ways of Working' guide with their managers to identify and discuss what keeps team members well at work and address any potential health issues at work. We also have a clear workplace adjustment request process and policy.

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We celebrate events that play a valuable part in raising awareness and celebrating diversity. They aim to create the conditions and momentum for change by fostering a more inclusive workplace culture and promoting equal opportunities. This year some of the highlights were celebrating National Inclusion Week and Neurodiversity Celebration Week.”

Gender Pay Gap report

This is the first year that we are not only reporting on our gender pay gap, but have also built a comprehensive strategy with one of our core focuses being to work towards advancing gender equality.

Download our PDF here
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