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As a trusted partner, we’ll help you on every stage of your cloud journey.

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Our approach

Our expert team will guide you on your cloud journey:

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Collaborative approach

Our core values of care, challenge and collaborate mean that you’ll benefit from unparalleled teamwork where individuals with diverse expertise, passion and dedication come together to deliver transformative cloud solutions tailored to your needs.

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Proven expertise

As an AWS, Azure, and GCP partner, our cloud IT specialists have a deep understanding of different services and a track record of successful cloud implementations. By integrating tried and tested methodologies into our approach, we deliver reliable and efficient cloud solutions that align with industry best practices.

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We put our customers first, ensuring that your unique requirements and business objectives are at the forefront of every cloud solution we create. Our customer-focused approach guarantees that you receive personalised, efficient, and impactful cloud services.

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‘Security-first’ mindset

Security is at the core of everything we do. With a "security by design" approach, we embed robust security measures into every aspect of our cloud solutions, ensuring your data, applications, and infrastructure remain safeguarded from potential threats.

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Continuous support

Our commitment to lasting partnerships means that we don't just end the relationship after the cloud solution is built. We offer ongoing support, optimisation, and monitoring to ensure your cloud environment remains efficient, cost-effective, and up-to-date, providing you with the peace of mind that your cloud infrastructure is in safe hands.

Phase 1: Cloud readiness

Laying the Foundation for Your Cloud Journey

During this initial phase of your cloud journey, we focus on developing a comprehensive cloud strategy and establishing the necessary groundwork to operate seamlessly in the cloud environment. This involves defining key objectives, assessing your organisation's readiness, and creating a robust plan to embrace the cloud's full potential.

Phase 2: Cloud adoption

Implementing and aligning with cloud best practices

In the next stage, we execute the cloud capability, aligning it with your internal processes and governance. Our expert team ensures standardised practices, optimal tooling, and robust security and compliance measures. By defining standardised patterns and designing tailor-made solutions, we enable your business to leverage cloud technologies that perfectly match your unique requirements.

Phase 3: Build or Migrate

Efficiently deploying solutions in the cloud

With a solid foundation and cloud best practices in place, we move on to the implementation phase. Here, we build and deploy solutions directly in the cloud or facilitate a smooth migration of your existing systems and data. Our seamless approach ensures a swift and hassle-free transition, minimising any disruptions to your operations.

Phase 4: Operate

Running and managing your cloud environment

In this critical phase, we focus on ensuring smooth cloud operations. Our team ensures that observability and essential tooling are readily available, enabling efficient workflows in the cloud. We provide ongoing support and management to ensure your cloud environment operates optimally, meeting your business's evolving needs.

Phase 5: Optimise

Optimising your digital estate to reduce cost and manage overheads

The final stage marks a commitment to continuous improvement and optimisation. We closely monitor your cloud usage, identify areas for enhancement, and fine-tune your cloud implementation for peak performance. Our ongoing optimisation process ensures cost-effectiveness, eliminates unnecessary expenses, and drives overall improvements in your cloud operations.

Our propositions

Consult and Architect

Cloud consultancy and architecture services to help you ensure that what is being built in the cloud is actually fit for purpose, secure and efficient for your current and future needs.

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Build and Migrate

Whether it's a ‘lift and shift’, a refactor or just a new platform in the cloud we help you from reviewing your cloud ambitions, laying the foundations to the migration itself.

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Operate and Optimise

Optimising your digital estate to reduce cost and manage overheads.

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Our technology

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    Empower your employees with End-User Compute

    Experience the convenience and efficiency of our scalable, secure and cost-effective End User Compute solutions on AWS. Enhance your team’s productivity with Amazon AppStream 2.0, which allows users to securely stream desktop applications directly to their devices from the cloud - anywhere, anytime. For a desktop-as-a-service solution, Amazon Workspaces empowers your remote workforce to create and deploy virtual desktop environments on low-powered devices, eliminating the need for costly hardware refreshes and traditional on-premises desktop infrastructure. Discover the benefits of cloud-based computing for your workforce. Click below to learn more about our End User Compute solutions.

    Explore End-User Computing
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    AWS Partner Network

    xDesign can be your AWS partner. We leverage our expertise to support businesses to operate effectively in the AWS Cloud in a way that works for them. This includes Cloud Adoption & Operations, Cloud-Native Development, Data & Analytics, Cost Optimisation, Security & Compliance and End User Compute.

    Learn more about our AWS Partnership

Unleash your potential in the Cloud

Whether you’re a startup or early-stage company, SME, Enterprise, or Public Sector Organisation, we can help you unleash your potential in the cloud:

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Startups and early-stage companies

Our team can help your early-stage company formulate a clear cloud strategy and business roadmap tailored to your business objectives. You’ll receive expert advice on choosing a suitable cloud platform for your budget, developing a robust cloud strategy, and optimising your cloud infrastructure for scalability, cost-effectiveness and performance.

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Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Our customised cloud solutions take the pain out of migrating existing on-premise applications and data to the cloud, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations. By implementing cost optimisation techniques and cloud-native development practices, we’ll help your SME lower its overall spend in the cloud over time while innovating faster to stay ahead of your competition.

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Our team leverages AWS Well-Architected Framework principles with a “security-first” mindset to ensure reliable, scalable, and secure cloud architectures. Your enterprise will benefit from our team’s expertise in optimising cloud performance to ensure high availability and reliability while reducing operational complexity. We can also help your enterprise tailor its DevOps approach to deliver features and updates to market faster.

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Public Sector Organisations

We can support your public sector organisation’s cloud IT journey by ensuring compliance, security, and resilience are at the forefront. Your public sector organisation will benefit from our vast experience in migrating sensitive data and critical applications to the cloud while adhering to strict regulatory requirements.

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