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Business Strategy and Innovation

We do what's best to solve your business problems. Not what's convenient for us. Working on new strategies and innovative products, we are ambitious, proven, and most of all, collaborative.

Igniting the brightest ideas.

Successful products and user experiences don’t just happen. They’re born out of a meticulous process of insight gathering, thinking and creativity. Our approach to strategy and innovation puts the needs of your users at the very heart of things - meaning you're on the right path to creating products that have a purposeful, real-world impact. 

Our propositions

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Digital Product Innovation

Using non-traditional approaches to generate bright ideas and design real futures for new digital products. We rapidly move things along - from speculative ideas to concept development.

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Product Strategy

Providing an evidence-led approach to support your product vision. We support you in defining your value proposition - helping you to realise the clear connection between what matters most to customers and how your product can delight them.

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Technology Strategy

Articulating and developing the strategies for innovative digital estates, and creating the roadmaps needed to support you in unleashing your potential.

Our capabilities

World-class digital experts need world-class tools and partners to deliver excellence. xDesign’s tech stack includes some of the biggest and best names in the business - all of which support us in delivering the pace and quality of digital transformation that your organisation and customers demand.


In the fast-paced world of digital product design, xDesign knows that strategy and innovation are the twin forces that shape extraordinary experiences. A well-crafted strategy sets the course, guiding every decision towards purposeful goals, while innovation fuels the journey with fresh ideas and boundless creativity.

Who we work with

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    Tesco Bank

    Strategic thinking and a more human experience for Tesco Bank customers

    Working closely with the Tesco Bank team we developed a long-term strategy for their mobile offering, and revitalised the user-experience for their customers.

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