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Tesco Bank

Giving Tesco Bank customers a better mobile experience

“xDesign has picked up our customer strategy and ran with it.”

“Taking the time to understand our customers and collaborating with our team they have helped shape the vision for our mobile app and aligned all our teams to deliver upon it.”

The story

Tesco Bank prides itself on making financial products and services that enhance the lives of 1.5 million households via its mobile app. By downloading the app, customers can check account balances (securely), manage their money on the move, and round-up payments on any shopping purchases.

However, given the growing competition in the market, it felt the time was right to revitalise its mobile offering and put it at the heart of its new ‘Smarter Money Helps’ customer strategy.

xDesign was hired to provide a bold new vision for the mobile app - one that would make it the prime destination for Tesco families, attract new customers, and help users better navigate Tesco’s ecosystem of financial services.

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What we created



We recognised the need to have a wide range of experts ‘in the room’ to take Tesco Bank’s vision forward at pace. Over 12 weeks we assembled a core team of designers, researchers and product experts to assess the client’s present and future needs - as well as those of its customers. Each brought a unique perspective to the table for consideration.

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Our product team asked the client some challenging questions in order to put the project on the right strategic path. They also went out into the field to gather valuable insight from customers and a wide range of the client’s own stakeholders to assess how a new app could better serve their needs. The insights we gathered would shape every aspect of our approach.



After a thorough discovery phase, we provided the client with an ambitious product roadmap and strategy. As a result, we enabled Tesco Bank to integrate previously siloed product roadmaps together in order to create a new app that would have a much bigger impact. We also supported it in visualising the evolution of the app over time via detailed information architecture and technical feasibility approaches.



As with all the mobile apps it creates, xDesign recognises the vital role of measuring success in order to drive product innovation for customers. That’s why we created a North Star Metric for Tesco Bank - a single source of truth that would help it to assess whether customer needs were being met. Using data from across its ecosystem, this metric would be vital in powering the success of the app once launched.

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To support the client in understanding the needs of customers, our product and design teams created a bespoke card game based on what we call ‘experience principles’. This set of short, inspiring statements would help Tesco Bank not only better understand customer needs, but would also aid it in articulating and socialising customer experiences and stories across the company - particularly among its product and design specialists.

Key outcomes

- Supported Tesco Bank in reimagining a more customer-focused solution for its banking customers. - Provided a product roadmap that would shape Tesco Bank’s vision for its app - now and in the future. - Provided the tools and approaches that meant Tesco Bank could better understand and articulate customer experiences to relevant stakeholders and teams.

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