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Powering FanDuel’s Global Gaming Success

“We have been continually impressed with xDesign throughout our relationship to date…”

“xDesign’s people-first approach and technical expertise, combined with their record of delivering to rapidly scaling companies, enhances our tech growth and supplements the work of our world-class teams.”

The story

FanDuel, part of Flutter Entertainment, is the #1 gaming operator in the U.S. Since 2020, xDesign has been at the heart of its expansion ambitions - supporting it to maximise unfolding opportunities in North America.

Starting with one team, our partnership now sees us supplying 20 UK-based teams made up of over 150 experts. Going beyond consultancy, we're now integral to FanDuel, supporting it to shape its future in global gaming. Through close partnership with the client, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the gaming sector and the requirements of emerging markets like the U.S. We bring strategic vision and technical expertise, always with the aim of taking client and player experiences to new heights.

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What we created



Our shared success with FanDuel is the result of a collaborative partnership built on mutual trust and respect. In short, we’ve been an indistinguishable extension of its team. This means we’ve been able to challenge and fine-tune existing approaches and suggest new and more strategic ones - all with the aim of keeping FanDuel at the very top of the gaming sector.



We enhanced FanDuel's Sportsbook and Casino platforms, improving user interfaces and backend operations. Our work significantly reduced deployment times to under an hour using automation and reusable components. Furthermore, we facilitated greater independence from third-party suppliers for their Casino platform and streamlined operations by integrating major game providers. A key achievement was automating promotions, notably 'automated sweepstakes', significantly reducing manual effort.



We supported FanDuel's £10 million platform transformation, transitioning from third-party dependency to an in-house data management model. This overhaul encompassed modernising payment systems, enhancing user verification, and revolutionising Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, resulting in increased efficiency, heightened transaction trust, and notably, reduced customer friction.



We bolstered FanDuel's fraud service, integrating a cloud-based analytics solution using AWS and Sift. This innovative approach saves over £10 million annually for the client. Additionally, we offer round-the-clock management and proactive support for major events like the Super Bowl.



xDesign played a key role in FanDuel's Common Platforms programme, including the Flutter Group's Global Betting Platform. We re-engineered their U.S. codebase, enabling efficient Canadian operations and reducing dependency on external providers. This project showcases our strategic thinking and expertise in enhancing interoperability and efficiency in complex digital systems, successfully simplifying digital challenges for the client.

Key outcomes

- Transformed FanDuel’s core architecture to create seamless experiences for client teams and players. - Been part of a collaborative alliance that has been the driving force for FanDuel's global ambitions. - Our work has created tangible impacts across the FanDuel brand - saving it £10 million in fraud detection every year. - We’ve provided the innovation, strategic foresight, and relentless pursuit of excellence that’s supported FanDuel to become leaner, smarter and more impactful when it comes to player experiences.

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