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Product Design and Engineering

We've delivered thousands of diverse business-critical projects. Each one complex, each one unique. Each going beyond expectations, by working in partnership.

Empowering your customers. Quickly.

We believe in delivering innovation without compromising on speed-to-market. Our design and engineering expertise empower you to quickly transform your product vision into reality, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to customer. 

Our propositions

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Embedded Delivery Teams

Gain access to teams of skilled engineers that integrate seamlessly into your organisation. We bring expertise in various tech stacks, enhancing engineering capacity with low client overhead. Tailored to your needs, we deliver efficiency in engineering, agile, DevOps, continuous delivery, pipelines, automation, and QA, ensuring continuous value delivery.

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Product Build & Delivery

Accelerating your path from validated concept to customer-ready product. Aligned with your goals, we prioritise early value delivery by incorporating client feedback and continuous deployment for seamless updates. Our comprehensive testing approach ensures robust quality assurance.

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Product Discovery & Experience Design

Ensure a swift transition from idea to validated product. With a customer-centric focus, we employ a flexible, phased approach, blending product thinking, design sprints, and service design to make informed decisions and solve complex customer challenges effectively. 

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Product Re-Engineering

Re-engineer products and services using a data-driven methodology and continual focus on client needs. We remodel and modernise systems with APIs, containerization, and composability, ensuring a future-ready, efficient platform.

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Capability build

Recruiting and onboarding the right talent - and ensuring they hit the ground running. We offer a diverse mix of skilled professionals along with training in agile development, programming, DevOps, and leadership.

Our capabilities

World-class digital experts need world-class tools and partners to deliver excellence. xDesign’s tech stack includes some of the biggest and best names in the business - all of which support us in delivering the pace and quality of digital transformation that your organisation and customers demand.


xDesign have picked up our customer strategy and ran with it. Taking the time to understand our customers and collaborating with our team, they have helped shape the vision for our mobile app and aligned all of our teams to deliver on it.

Who we work with

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    Unleashing money saving opportunities in a cost-of-living crisis

    For the UK’s biggest money-savings website we delivered an end-to-end mobile project. From product discovery, to editorial excellence enabled through a chatbot, to protecting the brand equity: whatever it took. Today, the app has had around a million downloads, with no ongoing cost per customer acquisition.

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